Award for Excellence in Equality and Inclusion

Award for Excellence in Equality and Inclusion

Every year, health boards across the country celebrate everything that is good about the UK’s national health system. An Excellence in Equality & Inclusion Award was awarded to a Primary Care and Mental Health and Learning Disability project team at Swansea Bay Health Board in Wales yesterday for providing early health and mental health screening, support, and intervention for refugees.

The team was led by Dr Nistor Becia, Senior Psychologist, who developed a community psychology model to meet the psychological needs of refugees, assessing, liaising, and intervening with schools, third-sector partners, and authorities to support their resettlement. During his annual leave, he also travelled to the border of Romania and Ukraine to support displaced people and train health professionals from overseas in psychological first aid.

In the presence of his colleagues and managers, Dr Nistor Becia received this award at Swansea Arena, saying it was the most rewarding, healing, and life-affirming experience of his career.


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