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About UZPR

The Union of Professional Journalists of Romania (UZPR) is the largest professional membership association for journalists in Romania. It was founded in 1919 by a group of journalists seeking to support one another and to encourage more journalists to pursue journalism in a democratic spirit. UZPR is a community of journalists committed to advancing diversity in the news industry and at the heart of its mission to increase members' perspectives and representation in newsrooms, media, and publishing in general. Through its status and regulations, UZPR can develop partnerships with other European and International press or media bodies. Today, UZPR continues to unite people who share the same passion for journalism and publishing by maintaining a network and community of journalists not just throughout Romania but also outside.

Therefore through the direct involvement and support of the association's President, Mr Doru Dinu Glăvan, and Dr Nistor Becia, in July 2021, UZPR has launched a British branch so members from the United Kingdom can join as well. Alice Năstase Buciuta is now the president and coordinates this UK branch of Romania's Union of Professional Journalists.